At The Lilypad, we are committed to a safe learning environment.  We have created dedicated classrooms for our children to allow for less rotation within our school.  Our normal rotation through all of the thematic learning areas is currently paused, however we're still having a great time in our designated sections of the school!


Safety, paired with nurture and normalcy is our highest priority.  Nurture is a child's greatest need.  It is our goal to continue to provide the highest level of care and affection for our children.  Multiple smocks are provided to teachers, so they can continue to have warm interactions with children and change their garment throughout the day. 

Staff are wearing face masks or face shields.  A face shield allows for children to see their teachers expressions and mouth movements.  It is important for language and pre-reading development for children to see how the mouth moves during speech.  We promote face shield usage for this reason in our program. 


Hand washing and sanitizing is one of the best methods to keep germs at bay.  All surfaces and objects are always sanitized frequently throughout the day and children and staff are handwashing numerous times as well.  Our facility is deep cleaned daily by our closing staff and we receive monthly germ monitoring services and quarterly treatment services from DIS.IN.FX, for germ management.


Class sizes will vary between 8-14 depending on the age of the child.  Children will learn and play in small groups when possible. Although children do not naturally social distance, we will be mindful of space and incorporate multiple activities in our classrooms to promote smaller groupings of children during activity time.




We strive for a cooperative partnership with our Lilypad families.  We will ask questions regarding traveling or exposure and take temperatures of everyone entering the building.  We are not admitting children with any signs of illness or family exposure to anyone confirmed with COVID-19. 

We are limiting the amount of people in our facility by providing child drop off and pick up services outside of the building.  Parents are asked to message us or call 5 minutes prior to pick up so we can gather your child and wash up for departure. 

We value the relationship we have with our families and we will utilize electronic communication to keep you informed of your child's day.  Management is always available to speak with you at any time in person outside the building, or we can arrange time for you to speak in person with your child's teacher by appointment. 


Vitamin D is a great way to stay healthy and being outdoors is the safest place to be.  We incorporate lots of outdoor science and fun gardening activities as well as field sports and playground time throughout the day.